Tom Hardy as Alcapone

in new Fonzo shot

Tom Hardy as an aged Al Capone

Tom Hardy is taking the role of vicious gangster Al Capone in a brand new adaptation, Fonzo. Several pictures have recently been posted online, which depicted the transformation which Hardy underwent in order to get into character.

Obviously, it is almost impossible to recognize Tom as Al Capone because of the makeup.

Tom Hardy as Al Capone

Al Capone has previously been the main persona in Hollywood movies, specifically the most outstanding once by De Palma, the Untouchables. This time, Fonzo is about to become a completely different spic on the story.

Tom Hardy’s Capone, aged 47, as we all know, is about to die in approximately a year. After almost a decade of prison, Capone’s mental state is in terrible condition, and Fonzo will use this to present his past becoming his present in a form of terrifying memories of his violent and brutal foretime.

Actual footage of is yet to be seen, still we have a first-look picture right now, and, most obviously, an official trailer is about to be release soon enough. The chief director of Fozno Josh Trank, which is well known for directing Chronicle and the reboot of Fantastic Four, both have not been well-received by the audience. Hopefully, this time Trank will perform better.

Back at the end of April, it was announced that a famous rapper, El-P, would be hired composer for Fonzo. Sure enough, musician is really excited about the opportunity to work such prominent project, while fans a looking forward to discovering the style of rapper’s future musical piece.

famous rapper El-P

A release date of Fonzo has not been announced so far, which will most likely happen in the next few weeks, along with an official movie trailer.

So far, the only thing we have is an absolutely astonishing picture of Tom Hardy as an aged Al Capone. Sadly, at the moment we lack any information about the future project heavily, which makes it even more mysterious and adds a ton of hype to any announcement yet to be made.