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Ever wondered how movies are filmed? Then we’ve got some great news for you! Today, we’re starting a series of posts with backstage material. Straight from the filming process of the first Lynx episode (Head Hunter). Excited? So are we! And for a good start, we’ve decided to show you a fragment of the most complex scene of the episode. Specifically – the scene in the bar, where detective Linda Lynx finds Crazy Ted, the motorbike gang leader. Read more

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RexTale Production is back with some great news!

We’re doing our best to start filming the first episode of Lynx this October. Meanwhile, our artists are working on the animatic of the episode. After many discussions, we’ve decided to redesign most of the images and throw out a couple of videos. The ones that aren’t much exciting or pretty drawn. As a result, the episode will be much more “user-friendly” and dynamic. More pleasant to watch, also. So stay in touch!

You’ll have the possibility to enjoy the renewed animatic very soon. But for now, check out some examples of what we have in mind.

“Before” on the left, “after” on the right.

Read more

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Some time ago we announced our upcoming detective and crime series: Lynx. Here are some fresh arts coming straight from the animatic, which will be available very soon for your enjoyment!

Don’t forget to check out the official trailer of Lynx:

Beautiful detective Linda Lynx is faced with a terrible case: several young girls have gone missing. One of them reappeared… From the shoulders up. 

What grim secret lies behind this crime?

Will the mystery be solved or more heads will roll?

Coming Soon!

  • 14 illustrated frames
  • 10 videos

Upcoming LYNX series

With this we are starting our crime and detective category of magazines. The first issue of the upcoming Lynx series is currently on the final stages of its production – more news coming very soon! Subscribe to our newsletter or follow our social pages to stay in touch.

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