Suicide Squad 2

script is finally finished

Suicide Squad 2

The first draft of the Suicide Squad 2 script was announced to be finished. The first Squad movie was not really liked by critics, while hitting the box office with $746.8 million, which proved that audience loves to see those characters on the big screen. Nonetheless, numerous rumors have been arising about Suicide Squad spin-off movies rather than official sequels, which lead to doubts about the project’s future.

Suicide Squad 2 script was masterminded by Todd Stashwick, David Bar Katz and director Gavin O’Connor. Todd stated earlier:

“We have finished our draft and I’m really proud of it.”

Obviously, no further details were provided neither about the specific plot features nor about who will be in the sequel. Nonetheless, it was stated that it is going to be the actual real sequel to the first film, not just a reboot of any kind, which should fit really well into the DC fans ideology.

When exactly the production of Suicide Squad 2 is going to start – nobody knows at the moment. It was originally planned to be started this fall, but, obviously, this is not the case. Todd Phillips’ Joker with Joaquin Phoenix will be worked on in New York city this fall. Main characters are yet to be confirmed. The studio seems to look forward getting Harley Quinn spin-off once in a while.

Suicide Squad 2 draft

DC Films is also developing a standalone movie for Jared Leto’s vision of this character, which is about to be completely different from the one we know, in addition to the Joker Film starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Suicide Squad 2 can potentially be finished way quicker than fans are expecting, otherwise the waiting process could be really long.

DC Films are quite busy these days, working on such projects as Joker, Wonder Woman 1984, Flash and The Batman. That is why the main question is the size of the priority, which is about to be given to the Suicide Squad 2.