Stallone reveals giant knife

on Rambo 5

Stallone reveals giant knife

The most recent look at Rambo: Last Blood is finally here. It reveals some details which most likely will be excited to see. John Rambo has been tirelessly working on eliminating bad guys in various cruel and violent ways. Now we can have a look at his new knife, which definitely will help him to do his job even better.

Following the tradition, Sylvester Stallone has been very active on social media over the production time, and has been posting teasers of what is coming. His very last post includes a picture of his brand new knife. The post doesn’t include too many details, but the knife definitely can do some major damage to Stallone’s enemies.

The name of the knife is the Heartstopper, and here is what he has to say about it:

“Gripping the ‘Heartstopper’ … you just don’t turn it off”

Stallone reveals

Stallone has recently got a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination and the Oscar for his role in Creed, where he played the legendary Rocky Balboa. That inspired him to get back to the development of Rambo 5.

This time, John Rambo is about to deal with bad guys from Mexico. Thanks to several early photos, the superhero has been living his ranch life; Cowboy Rambo is here, breeding cattle and working around his farm. Sure enough, his peaceful life is interrupted at some point, when a friend of his asks his to carry out a hostage-saving mission.

The last time we saw the unsurpassed badass Rambo was back in 2008, when the Rambo was premiered in theratres. As we all know, Rambo 4 turned out to be not very successful, with the ridiculous $113 million worldwide at the box office.

Up to now, the four movies of the legendary franchise have managed to earn a total of $727 million for their makers. Rambo: Last Blood is being directed by Adrian Grunberg and is about to be premiered next year, no specific date is available though.

You can see the photos on Stallone’s Instagram following this link.