Sacha Baron Cohen is working on

a Trump University film?

Sacha Baron Cohen, vastly recognized as Ali G, Bruno and Borat, has tweeted his current intentions to set his next movie’s focus at Donald TrumpPresident of the United States. Sure enough, the emphasis will be put on the dialed academy Trump University. A teaser video was made public through the same tweet by Cohen, where Donald Trump spoke about the need of punching him in the face and that Cohen should seriously consider going back to school.

Cohen’s tweet was posted on the 4th of July, the USA Independence Day, which was just an ideal timing for something like that. Even though the tweet barely looked like a teaser trailer, Cohen’s fans believed that the movie idea would become an actual project.

Cohen’s art is mostly aimed at current political events and, to a much lesser extent, at sociologically significant issues. Borat, for instance, was a movie, which considered the cultural diversity in America. Bruno was all about the way some people perceived the members of the LGBTQ community.

Dictator, one of Cohen’s most terrible projects up to now, was related to the way America deals with political crises of Middle Eastern countries.

Sacha Baron Cohen is definitely not the most outstanding celebrity, who has verbally offended Donald Trump. Nonetheless, presidential answer was quite rough. Here is what President Trump had to say about Sacha Baron Cohen in his video:

“This third-grade character named Sacha Baron Cohen, I only wish that he would’ve been punched in the face so many times. Right now, he’d be in a hospital. It was disgraceful. He ought to be fired immediately. Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school! Learn about being funny. You don’t know s**t!”

Interestingly, Trump’s comments have just recently been made available to the public, which leads us to an assumption, that he had recorded them before becoming president. Anyway, Trump is up for a fight, and so is Cohen.

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