Robert De Niro is about to join the cast

of Joker origin movie


Robert De Niro has recently been confirmed to negotiate joining the Joker origin movie cast. Another potential masterpiece by Warner Bros. made the project official some time ago, even though it has been in development for quite a while.

The Clown Prince of Crime is going to be played by Joaquin Phoenix, with Martin Scorsese in charge as an executive producer. Good old “gangster pals” are returning big time, making the project a top priority even for those who is unfamiliar with the universe. If De Niro gets his part, this movie is about to become one of the most outstanding upcoming projects in 2019.


De Niro’s casting has been rumored for quite a while until the very recent confirmation. Nevertheless, the fact that his participation in the upcoming project is only being negotiated should be carefully considered. If the deal is made though, it will be the first time De Niro will ever participate in a comic book screen adaptation during his long and enormously successful career. His good relations with Martin Scorsese might additionally increase the chances, since both of them have huge experience of working together on such masterpieces as Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and others.

Plot details are unknown so far; what we know is that the project is entitled Joker and that the events are about to take place in the 1980s. Frances McDormand, a recent Oscar winner, had been rumored to play the Joker’s mother, but she declined the offer later. Zazie Beetz (Deadpool 2) is negotiating his role in the movie and most likely be there in the end. So far, Todd Fillips (The Hangover) is in charge of direction, working on the script he wrote some time ago in cooperation with Scott Silver (The Fighter).

As far as we know, Robert De Niro is about to play a late night TV show host, whose name is Murray Franklin – he will be the one who somehow will turn Joaquin Phoenix from a usual man Arthur Fleck into the raging villain Joker. So far, Jared Leto has not been replaced as The Joker and he is known to develop his solo movie which will be set in the parallel to live-action DC movies universe – Worlds of DC – this name was used for the first time recently at San Diego Comic-Con.

Production of the Joker origin movie is set to start in the beginning of Autumn, specifically in September, and will be operating quite a small budget of around $55 million. The movie is going to be released on the 4-th of October.