Here at RexTale we take pride in seeing our customers satisfied. On this page we will display some of their comments on our projects.

I’ve never seen anything like this before, amazing creativity! Nice to see some innovations around. Especially in matters I always thought of as ultra conservative.

Daniel R.Muses

Wow, music and actors surely add some depth to the comic. Looks satisfying. Maybe this will be the first comics I’ll actually read through.

Emily C.Lynx

Can’t remember the last time I watched a movie, never have such an amount of free time. RexTale looks like the perfect alternative. I’ll be looking forward to see what this will grow up into. Good luck, guys!

Tom S.Lynx

RexTale is what the whole comic industry was lacking – some thinking outside of the box and courage to experiment with the limitations of traditional paradigms.

John K.Muses

Alright! I wouldn’t say that that this release is ideal but this is absolutely the step in the right direction! Keep going that way, Rextale and I’m pretty sure that in a year or two I’ll be reading about your stories in Rolling Stone or somewhere similar.

Isaac FieldAbyss Unleashed

Not bad, wished the creators would focus on the suspense and plot development. Lynda, however, is one sexy detective. I’m going to pay close attention to the future work by Rextale.

Swen OstermannLynx

Fuck aye even more boobies! Keep up the good work, Rextale. This Victoria is mighty nice. The story is still kind meh to be honest.


Nice going, Rextale guys! Keep the good work! This is definitely the direction you should continue to pursue.

G1988XAbyss Unleashed

Absolutely fantastic! Novel and attention-grabbing. I’m definitely going to recommend this and other releases to my friends and will be paying close attention to Rextale.

Kel‘thuzad’s ApprenticeLynx

I actually like this story and I’m quite hopeful that we get to see more adventures of young Victoria in the school. Please, make it happen, Rextale.

Supreme CovfefeMuses

Very interesting and fascinating. Thank you! Continue your work, please.

Jack D.Trapped Flame