Nicolas Cage’s Mandy is arriving

to Blu-Ray on Halloween

 Nicolas Cage’s Mandy is arriving

Nicolas Cage’s movie has made its way to both Blu-Ray and DVD right in time for Halloween. Mandy has been negatively reviewed by critics since the beginning of the year at the Sundance Film Festival.

Mandy is about to be delivered both on Blu-Ray and DVD on the 30th of October. The price of these items is almost identical – $29.97 and $29.96. There will be several additional features available, such as an exclusive behind the scenes footage long with deleted and extended scenes.

The events described in Mandy take place in the Pacific Northwest back in 1983. Red Miller and his girlfriend Mandy Bloom live their peaceful life. All of a sudden, their normal existence is interrupted by a cult, which destroy their home.

The mysterious man, Jeremiah Sand, who is leading a cult, considers himself a prophet. Red strikes back with blood and fury, which leads to a plenty of violence. The movie is a perfect combination of modern Nicolas Cage and a talented director.

The actor team includes Ned Denny (Peaky Blinders), Olwen Fouere (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald), Richard Brake (The Death of Stalin), Andrea Riseborough (Battle of the Sexes), Linus Roache (Vikings), and Bill Duke (Predator). Oscar-nominated composer Johann Johannson, who previously worked on Sicario and The Theory of Everything, is going to provide the musical background for the movie.

Nicolas Cage’s Mandy

Sadly, Mandy has not gotten a wide audience appreciation and has earned only $1 million at the box office so far. Initially it was release on VOD and on-demand platforms the very same day, which might be a huge problem since this is the biggest Nicolas Cage’s work to appear in a long time.

Rotten Tomatoes provides a 94 percent approval rating for the movies, which is an unbelievable success for Cage in years. RLJE Films has release the box for the future release, avaible for you to check.

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