Next part #2 of Chateau des Muses

And finally, after a short period of time, there is a new long-awaited continuation of the story of the beautiful Chateau and his students

In this part of the event will be accompanied by beautiful views of France and an ancient castle.

As we know from the first part, the circumstances began to develop not in the best way for our protagonist Victoria, who was not ready for such “rules” of training.

Professor and mentor Mr. Lucas, who, due to his authority, was able to take advantage of the trust of some students for his own purposes, at the same time, runs the risk of falling out of favor with Patricia’s director, due to a violation of teaching ethics.

Will he be punished for this or will something else happen? The answer to this question you will learn in this episode.

Given the rather large number of letters that we received from our viewers, we added more eroticism, which we hope will not leave you indifferent to the beauty of the female body. But this movie will not be oversaturated with scenes that may not like the rest of our audience.

Fans of Kinbaku, we also will not remain indifferent. In this series, the technique of this Japanese art of limiting the mobility of the human body with the help of ropes will be shown.

Beautiful girls maximally reveal the aesthetic principles of this art!

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We are sure that you will be satisfied!

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