RexTale Production is back with some great news!

We’re doing our best to start filming the first episode of Lynx this October. Meanwhile, our artists are working on the animatic of the episode. After many discussions, we’ve decided to redesign most of the images and throw out a couple of videos. The ones that aren’t much exciting or pretty drawn. As a result, the episode will be much more “user-friendly” and dynamic. More pleasant to watch, also. So stay in touch!

You’ll have the possibility to enjoy the renewed animatic very soon. But for now, check out some examples of what we have in mind.

“Before” on the left, “after” on the right.

So, what has changed so far?

As you can see, the changes are pretty much massive.

  • We’ve harmonized the colours palette.
  • The 3D elements in the background were redrawn into 2D to best suit the atmosphere.
  • We’ve corrected the light-shadow directions and proportions.
  • In some images, the faces are being redrawn. We know that some of them were borderline terrible. :)

More images are on the way. We plan to finish the redesign in a couple of months, so stay tuned. It’s a long road, but we are surely determined to keep going. Anyway, we hope you like the way this is going. If you do, take a moment to share the word with your friends. We’re working hard in order to make this project live long and prosper, so any support from you is great!