Lynx Animatic: The New Faces

When we watch a movie or read a comics, one of the first things that catch our eye are the faces of the characters. And let’s be frank, there were huge problems with them in the first version of the animatic. :)

But times are changing and things are getting prettier.

While we’re going on with the post-production of the real Lynx, we also managed to do some redesign on the first Lynx animatic. Check out some examples below!

rextale production biker ted lynx animatic redesign

This is Ted. We’ve drawn his face in a hurry, when we were originally working on the animatic for the first episode. Now he’s much more detailed – and closer to the actor that played him!

rextale production chief of police sullivan lynx animatic redesign

And here’s the Chief of police. Detailed, sturdy and determined to crack Ted into confessing his crime. Besides redrawing the faces, we’ve also harmonized the colour scheme. Now the palette is smaller and more solid. This will bring the whole animatic to a whole new level, for real!

Stay in touch, we’ll bring you some amazing information very soon! Including the trailer of the filmed Lynx episode, photos from the filming process and a special promo from our director – Boris Piskunov.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to watch the first Lynx episode the way it was always meant to be. Meanwhile, be sure to check on the animatic. This way you’ll see the drastic differences between one and the other. :)