Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom review

A fundament for more fascinating story

Jurassic world: Fallen kingdom review

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hit the “dinosaurless” planet Earth this week with a burst of fire from erupting volcano, scales and enormous teeth. Surprisingly, this time the dinosaurs are the ones who need help, as their existence is questioned by the natural disaster. Sure enough, brave heroes are there to rescue them from the upcoming threat.

The new dino, genetically-modified Indoraptor, might seem to be an unsuccessful mix of a dragon and Godzilla, which spoils the first impression badly. But anyway, overall visuals are absolutely awesome.

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As the story unfolds, we find out that after dinos are saved, humans are going to live with them side by side in peace. This concept seems to be very unusual and barely acceptable, to say the least. Unsurprisingly enough, later it turns out that not all humans have good intentions towards dinosaurs: some of them are willing to make money selling them in an auction. Politics is just a perfect spice for the main “dino dish” in here for sure.

In general, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is an astonishing piece with innovative ideas, cute characters (newly introduced Isabella Sermon’s Maisie Lockwood is particularly sweet) and tons of breathtaking dinosaur action. Yet there is something that might lead to a frustration after the cinema visit.

It turns out that the movie’s striking difference from preceding Jurassic Park movies is not just another trend, which any sequel is supposed to follow. Actually, Fallen Kingdom’s plot sets up an intriguing fundament for Jurassic World 3, which has already been announced.

There is no reason to be disappointed: Fallen Kingdom does have gorgeous ending – one of the best of any Jurassic Park films made before. The next movie has the potential to present a different story, not the usual “degenerate humans explore deserted isle and get locked down by dinosaurs” one.

Anyway, somehow the movie leaves you with the feeling that Fallen Kingdom is nothing more than a brick in the bigger and better future story of its sequel. Regardless of how well the bricks are put together, it is hard to feel the satisfaction.