Johny Gruesome trailer brings

A Heavy Metal rebel back from The Grave

Johny Gruesome trailer brings

Nowadays Heavy Metal movies are so few, Deathgasm being the last memorable one. We currently are in the process of waiting for the movie’s sequel, yet today we get the opportunity dive inside this badass genre – Johnny Gruesome, another big name in blood-soaked opera.

Even more vengeful than the Cron, Johnny Gruesome promises a death wish to all of us. This October, he returns for revenge.

Eric Cater, a high school student, is the best friend of Johnny Grissom – a rebel kid, a heavy metal fan nicknamed “Johnny Gruesome” by his dear classmates.

After Johnny is killed during a drunken drive by, the killer decided to make the murder look like an accident. Sure enough, Johnny rises from the grave in a form of terrifying zombie, seeking revenge.

Johnny Gruesome is a cinematic piece

The movie is an adaptation of an award-winning novel by Gregory Lamberson, who also is a director of this piece. The guy is also well-known for his sick and crazy depraved B movies, some of which have long ago become the real underground classics.

His previous masterpiece was Killer Rack, telling the story about murderous boobies, which were possessed by H.P.Lovecraft’s elder gods. He is also well known because of his movies Creepers, Gave Up the Ghost and Dry Bones.

Johnny Gruesome is a cinematic piece which has been worked on for quite a while – 30 years so far. The script was finished unimaginably long ago, back in 1984. Financial resources were the main issue at that time, therefore the movie did not make it.

Johnny Gruesome poster

If you are a fan of Trick or Treat of Deathgasm, Johnny Gruesome is right for your enjoyment. The trailer is already here along with the poster.

It looks like this piece is about to overshadow other horror movies, which are about to be released this year.