Jason Momoa’s solo aquaman movie

is thought to lack fish-communicating action

Right after the first appearance on Justice League, Aquaman is going to get the opportunity to present his own solo movie. For too long Aquaman has been known for only having a capability of communicating with fish, therefore his badass take on Aquaman has already become one of the brightest highlights of DC’s blockbuster.

In order to alter the way people perceive him, half-naked, alcohol consuming, and handsome superhero walks into a bar and throws nearly dead guy he saved previously on the table like a few tip bucks. Sounds like a bad joke, yet looks like an amazing reconsideration of who the actual Aquaman truly is.

Despite his new style, Jason Momoa is still not satisfied completely with how the things are: there was that one line his character spoke which, he thought, did not really fit:

“I’m like, don’t put this line in here, because that’s all people are going to talk about… Do you want me to make him cool or nor?”.

Fair enough, isn’t it? Possibly, fish just don’t understand what a human being is saying, unless the being is wasted with alcohol. Anyway, let’s not invent the Aquaman lore ourselves and stick to what we have.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, Jason stated the fact that he did not like the line, which pointed out Aquaman’s ability to talk to fish.

Despite his disapproval, the movie kept the line anyway, with Batman wondering if it was real to ask fish for help in searching for Steppenwolf.

According to the most recent comics-provided lore, Aquaman does not actually talk to fish but rather telepathically orders them to carry out what he wants. Maybe, being drunk stimulates specific regions of brain to make it possible, who knows – ridiculous theory or yet undiscovered part of the lore?

So far, Aquaman hasn’t had an opportunity to talk to fish in front of all DC’s fans, which provides a solid background for such shot in the future Aquaman movie. Sure enough, Jason Momoa might not be willing to take that opportunity – there always is an occasion to get drunk before or even in-shot not be so categorical.

Aquaman, directed by James Was, is going to be premiered on the 21st of December, 2018. So far, the movie trailer has not been released, things are likely to change at San Diego Comic-Con, so that we finally see it and find out how the long-awaited movie will feel like.