Halloween review:

Michael Myers is back

Halloween review

Nearly a decade has passed since we saw Michael Myers last time glowing on the screen, and a bit longer since the Halloween franchise has left the horror genre. Luckily for everybody, the scary series are about to be revived by Blumhouse: Michael Myers is back for the first time in a very long time.

Halloween 2018 is based on events which take place 40 years after the ones, which took place back in 1978, when Laurie Strode managed to escape after the encounter with Dangerous serial killer Michael Myers.

A team of journalists set off to investigate deeper into those tragic events. Meanwhile, Laurie is having problems in her personal life. Her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) is trying to keep her own daughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) as far away from her grandmother as possible.

Another problem is that the maniac manages to get free and his four decades long bloodlust is now pointed at poor Laurie and her family. Women must, despite their conflicts, ban together and survive the long-awaited bloody encounter between Laurie and Michael.

Halloween review 2018

David Gordon Green, the director, had a terribly complicated task, and it is hard to imagine that anyone else would have done a better job. The Halloween is going to follow the direct sequel route. This decision must have been made by people, who had enormous respect and love for the franchise.

Green and his team have managed to give us something that feels like a true successor to John Carpenter’s original, while the soul is still there.

While the unique style of David Gordon Green can easily be noticed, no one can deny the mystical presence of John Carpenter’s traces all over the movie. Most likely, the biggest contribution of the success is the fact that the story goes deeply into the Laurie Strode’s personality, played astonishingly by Jamie Lee Curtis in a very sincere and hones way.

Another important nuance is Michael Myers, played by Jude Courtney, who has never felt and looked scarier. Importantly enough, Myers does not seem to be an invincible superhero.

The new Halloween is an astonishing horror movie, refreshing and very familiar. Some horror genre fans are going to love the movie, some are not. But sure enough, the movie is worth watching.