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The final season of the most fascinating fantasy series Game of Thrones is not going to be delivered to its hungry fans till 2019. When it’s finally here, the fire of joy will blaze more brightly than the explosion of Sept of Baelor itself. Till then, the only thing left for us fans ( team is also a big fan of this series) is to either consume the news available online or, more rewardingly, the theories on what will happen in Season 8.

Game of thrones final season

It is very likely that we will see our favorite main characters, who survived the end of the Season 7, back on board the Game of Thrones finale. On the other hand, several background “players” are also likely to show up. Tycho Nestoris (Mark Gratis) is assumed to participate in the Season 8 much more intensively than previously – presumably in 2 episodes.

It does make much sense, considering the fact that the Golden company itself, along with its 20 000 men army, is going to step on the stage of Iron Throne competition.

Obviously, they will be acting on behalf of Cersei, who negotiated with the banker in order to find a potentially strong ally. Nonetheless, no one knows for sure, whose ally they might end up being after all.

GoT is known not only for killing both main and background characters, but also for reviving them via the Lord of Light divine intervention, interpreted and carried out by his priests. According to one of the many theories, available on the web, Petyr Baylish (Aiadan Gillen), better known as Littlefinger, might still be alive.

Sure enough, we all remember him being executed in the Ep. 7 of the Seventh Season of Got. Yet the theory says that he might not be dead after all – his sneakiness makes everything possible. The rumor says, that Littlefinger managed to make a pact with one of the faceless man (or woman?) from Bravos and the person, executed in the Great Hall of Winterfell was not precisely the Littlefinger himself, but a faceless person wearing his face as a mask.

After all that we have been put through by directors of GoT, that might actually be possible.

According to the official sources, at the moment the GoT’s production is back in Seville, Spain, which is known to be the main stage for the King’s Landing scenes in the last season. That is exactly where the Dragonpit meeting took place in the last episode of the Season 7.

Numerous debates have risen over this matter, speculating whether the Dragonpit could become a setting for the finale of the upcoming season 8. It might become a part of the inner-season shooting setting just as likely though.

What the great final of the GoT series will be?

A vast field of speculations and theories has risen so far, and many more are yet to come. Which one to choose is up to you.

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