Nowadays finding some free time to enjoy yourself can be a tough matter. Especially when it comes to watching movies. Those two hours it takes can be a real time-fortune in the crazy rhythm of modern life. But no matter how hard it seems, there’s always a couple of ways to solve the problem. So, what’s the secret of finding time to watch a movie?

Time Management

Yeah, that’s important. Keep in mind that being well organized gives you more background not only to work better, but to enjoy yourself and have a good quality rest. In other words, it helps you in finding time to watch a movie too. Here go some bullet points on the subject:

  • Keep your priorities clean and straight
  • Be active. Your goals won’t themselves alone
  • Stop procrastinating. Start doing what needs to be done NOW
  • Set rewards for the progress milestones
  • A regular rest is the key to work better
  • Meet your basic needs. Do not cope with hunger, thirst or etc. – this will ruin both your working AND rest!

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

This principle works literally everywhere. Remember that something finished is always better and way more satisfactory. For example, imagine you have an hour of free time. That’s not enough to watch an entire movie – so why start? You’ll leave it halfway in hope to finish it, let’s say, tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes, the working routine embraces you leaving no chance for the story to end…

What’s the solution? Enjoy something shorter. Sometimes its easier to watch a few series of a good sitcom, a couple of short films, a few anime episodes (if you’re into it) if you’re having trouble finding time to watch a movie. Or, for example, you can watch movics! They don’t take much time – an episode is about 20 minutes. Movics are made of both short videos and static images, so that’s a great option when you’re in a hurry. Check out our Lynx series to learn what movics are all about.

Find a good alternative

When nothing helps and you still don’t have the time – well, go another way! Art is full of great genres that provide a narrative no less immersive than movies, but take way less time. Comics, for example. They combine the visual impact of beautiful art with texts that unfold the story. When we created our movics, that was one of the key points. The great time-sparing potential of comics combined with dynamic short videos leads to totally unexpected results and emotions. Often instead of finding time to watch a movie, enjoying comics and movics looks like a great alternative.

Do it anyway

Life is short, so it is a good choice to “seize the moment” whenever you have the possibility to. Movies, comics, movics, a good book or an art exhibition – there are so many opportunities to make your everyday brighter. Dive in and enjoy yourself. And that weekly report that’s due yesterday? Well… A couple of hours won’t change anything. ;)

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Author: John Baker

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