Get Ready! Fight!

Hey there, folks! We’re continuing our backstage series – now with another exciting scene. As you may remember from the animatic, the first episode has an intense fight between detective Linda Lynx and her sparring partner. Well, at least that’s what it was meant to look like – INTENSE. We didn’t quite get it right at the first try, but guess what?

Now we did it.

After dozens of training hours, our beautiful leading actress Sophia Toropchina and her sparring partner Evgeniy Polyakov clashed in an astonishing performance. They managed to surpass our expectations, and we’re really happy with the result! The incidential bruises were absolutely worth the picture in the end. And thanks to the professional skills of all the other film crew members, we’ll be able to present you this fight the way we’ve always imagined it should be. For us, that’s a great start. In every Lynx episode there will be a fight of some sort, so this initial experience will be very valuable in the long run.

movics rextale lynx fight sparring partner
movics rextale production fight filming crew cameraman

A special thanks goes to Sergey Smychok – our fantastic director of photography. He wasn’t feeling well on that filming day, but that didn’t stop him. Oh, no. Sergey just put on a sterile mask – and filmed everything as if it was meant for a Hollywood movie. Well, who knows, maybe it will someday? Without Sergey we wouldn’t manage to shot a picture with such a great dynamic potential. Absolutely, we will be looking to working together again on the future episodes of Lynx.

In any case, the video part of the movics is almost finished. And while we finish the dubbing of the episode, our artists are drawing tons of content for the static frames! It will be a real eye candy. Full of details, style and elegant color schemes.

Excited? More information coming soon! And an exclusive video featuring our director – Boris Piskunov.

Stay tuned, great stuff is on its way. :)

UPDATE: The promo video is out!