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Hey! Welcome to our project page! Scroll down this page and see what we’re working on. Previously we have experimented in something that is half-cinema, half-animation. This time, we have blended cinematic and animation experience into a single package. If you like what you see – check our Indiegogo page, where you can donate to us and help us finish this project on time. You will find the link to it below.

In Double Bind, our dangerous and sexy Patricia is tasked with finding a monumental cache of gold and valuables supposedly left behind by retreating German troops within an old French chateau at the end of World War II. Every treasure has a trail of blood. She’s about to find it out. Let the deathmatch begin!

Latest news about DOUBLE BIND project

Scene 1:

Our protagonist is about to use enhanced interrogation methods on this poor guy to get the information she needs.

Patricia is not above any methods to get the job done.

Defiance ‘till the end is an admirable trait…

…but that guy’s fate is already sealed.

The same story that we’ve told in the previous 3 pictures but now in motion.

Same scene, slightly different parts.

Sometimes, the effort could be all for nought, even though the objective has been accomplished. In this case, interrogation for the information in that diary.

You’ve kind of seen this poor guy tied up but we’d like to show you this shot, to showcase how the technique we’re using transforms mundane stuff into something visually appealing and unusual.


Something’s in the air. Secrets always have a trail of consequences.


Little by little we’re assembling our project. We won’t be saying much on what exactly is going on the screen, beyond the general outline of the story but we hope you’ll get the gist of it by the time it passes a certain threshold.

This is the smirk of a man who thinks he has won and outwitted his mark but he’ll be proven wrong soon enough.

Now, the prey has become the predator…for now at least.

While the majority of the population associate Playboy with erotic content, it also has been a place where prominent figures of the 20th century were interviewed. From Timothy Leary to Miles Davis to Vladimir Nabokov.

We are done! You can see here…