Dark Phoenix set photos

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Dark Phoenix

Several photos from Dark Phoenix have been posted online. Due to the fact that the latest X-Men movie is being reshot recently, the comic book air date is not going to be in November 2018. Nonetheless, the work is ongoing and photos reveal some action between Jean Grey and a major villain.

The photos demonstrate Sophie Truner’s Jean Grey and Jessica Chastain, the villain of which is still going to be revealed. Both ladies are wearing grey jumpsuits, therefore making it cleat that there will be some heavy CGI added to things, which are going to happen in the movies.

Dark Phoenix show

Official storyline is still not finished and yet to be revealed, which is going to be the next stab at beloved Marvel Comics storyline adaptation.

Something similar happened earlier with the X-Men: The Last Stand back in 2006, which didn’t perform that well. Hopefully, director Simon Kinberg will have more luck.

Mr. Kinberg has been a producer/writer of the franchise for a very long time, and this time he will make an attempt to work behind the camera for the first time in his career with Dark Phoenix.

This movie is not the easiest piece to start with, which makes many fans nervous. The trailer has not arrived yet, it is not possible to say whether Mr. Kinberg succeeded or not.

Release date is currently set to the 14th f February.

Dark Phoenix is going to become the final movie in the core of the X-Men franchise, which has been going since 2000.

This movie is making the end of the era, since Disney is planning on their purchase of Fox studios, which means that Marvel studios is going to merge with Marvel Cinematic Universe.