Dante Alighieri would have never created his masterpieces without being inspired by his beloved Beatrice. The same goes for Salvador Dali and Gala, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

As the saying goes, behind every successful man is a great woman.

An icon. An idol. A Muse.

To a great extent, this is the main idea behind Chateau des Muses, a brand new movics from Rextale Production. After the success of the original Muses, an all-new and improved adventure has always been an imminent matter. The time has come: the story has been reimagined, filmed in a beautiful castle in France, the homeland of love and inspiration itself.

So, are you already excited to learn the details?

The Chateau des Muses is an elite boarding school for young and promising ladies determined to not only acquire an outstanding secular education but to become genuine Muses who would inspire bright minds to create their masterpieces or make discoveries that would forever change the course of human history. Every Muse is intended to be the embodiment of art itself, an unbounded source of creative energy and sensual exuberance.

The institution is managed by headmistress Patricia, an experienced and rigorous teacher, mentor, and Muse herself. Her right hand is professor Lucas, an outstanding artist who dedicated himself to teaching the students of the Chateau everything he knows about fine arts.

But is everything as innocent and noble as it sounds? Inspiration goes hand in hand with passion, and love is often accompanied by lust. By showing their students the vast magnificence of art and all the aspects of sensual inspiration, the Chateau is playing a dangerous game: who knows what hidden desires and fantasies have the girls been harboring all along? Moreover, are the school’s teachers as unspoiled and strict as they seem, or do they also indulge in the pleasures of the flesh?

The first episode of Chateau des Muses will air this November, telling the story of Victoria, a beautiful and talented young woman who had recently got accepted into the university. Her gentle personality and splendid looks instantly captivate Nicole and Sophie, two other students of the institution, and a strong bond is quickly formed between the girls. Long and detailed studies, reflective strolls around the Chateau’s beautiful gardens, sensual pictures taken in the morning light…

All of this and so much more will be revealed, leaving no viewer indifferent and no heart unshaken.

A story of passion and secrecy, affairs and punishment, pleasure and pain.

The Chateau des Muses will be available for free starting this November exclusively on the official RexTale website. Keep in mind that this movics will have plenty of explicit material… 

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