You can’t have too much of a good thing but first things first.

When we were making the first episodes of Chateau des Muses in France, the owner of the chateau came to ask if we could take photos of the scenes separately. It was an interesting suggestion…

Since then, we always invite known photographers working in erotic portrait photography.

We’ve created a separate project for our subscribers called RexMarket and it’s ready to launch!

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Double Bind


We need your help

Hey! Welcome to our project page! Scroll down this page and see what we’re working on. Previously we have experimented in something that is half-cinema, half-animation. This time, we have blended cinematic and animation experience into a single package. If you like what you see – check our Indiegogo page, where you can donate to us and help us finish this project on time. You will find the link to it below.

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