Brand new Captive State trailer

provides some insight into what to expect

Captive State trailer has just been released and it does look very intense. Politics and Sci-fi – these two major topics are backgrounding the dark and compelling atmosphere.

Directed by Rupert Wyatt, who is famous for his Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie, the movie centers around the city of Chicago a decade after the invasion and further occupation of the planet Earth by aliens.

Instead of typical for the genre “they will kill us all concept”, this time we experience the other side of the conflict – people, who collaborate with aliens.

Captive State 1

Gabriel, Ashton Sanders’ character in Captive State, at the beginning of the trailer is asking for a lawyer, but his vis-à-vis lets him know that that would not be possible, due to the fact that “things don’t work like that anymore”, most obviously because aliens have occupied the Earth. Gabriel is having hard time choosing between two options: either joining the collaborators or banding up with the Phoenix resistance group. It seems like he chooses to the latter.

Captive State is about to hit the big screen in March of 2019. The recent trailer focuses on both the Phoenix resistance and aliens, at the same time keeping the plot details hidden. The sci-fi component does play a role, yet it obviously not the only thing in between the lines.

Captive State 2

After this recent trailer, Captive State is definitely about to excite even more people that before. Political underground is absolutely clear, yet we don’t know what is it exactly. What is the reason behind this human-alien collaboration, we cannot know.

Why did aliens decide to invade and enslave humanity? Gladly, we are about to find out quite soon – on the 29-th of March, 2019.

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