Between World trailer features Nicolas Cage

in some weird circumstances

Between World trailer

The trailer for Between Worlds is finally here for us to enjoy and discuss. For an unknown reason, the latest part of Nicolas Cage’s career has been fully dedicated to home video action flicks. Some might consider this to be a big shame, especially considering his great talent. If the movie is successful, it could help Cage to shine bright once again.

First seconds of the trailer make us feel rather strangely – some kind of an accident happens. It seems like after the accident we are presented with dead people of some sort, at least it seems so. Scary background music.

Most obviously, Cage is experiencing some kind of problems with his past, which he has continuously been failing to deal with. It turns out that those problems are somehow related to those beings.

Joe, a truck driver, haunted by the memories of his family, who were burnt to death in a fire accident, is in a center of the story. He later meets Julie, who manages to change his life dramatically. She turns out to be gifted with spiritual powers. Her daughter is currently in coma. Julia convinces Joe to help her to stop Billie from reaching the outer world. But at some point, Billie wakes up, and it turns out that she is possessed by the spirit of her dead wife.

Between World

At the beginning of the year, Nickolas Cage burst out with a horror movie Mom and Dad, which was not very well accepted, but definitely it was in a right direction. Critics think that this Between Worlds movie is going to become the great comeback for Cage.

The cast also includes Penelope Mitchell, Lydia Hearst, Hopper Penn, Brit Shaw and Franka Potente. Critics seem to like the movie so far. This movie does look way more interesting than previous ones with Nicolas Cage.

The wide audience will have a chance to judge the piece very soon when it finally arrives on the 21st of December in theatres.