Arnold Shhwarzenegger has started filming Terminator 6

Terminator 6

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been reported to start working on the new Terminator 6 movie. Not only has he been one the most epic action stars ever appeared on the screen, but also has managed to rule over the state of California twice, in 2003 and 2011, with a major focus on the environmental issues. This year, instead of making it to the annual Climate Pacific Partnership, Arnold committed heavily to Terminator 6 creation.

His filming intentions were revealed in the video, which Arnold recorded for organizers and participants of the Climate Pacific Partnership conference in Fiji. At the moment the crew is located in Komarom, Hungary, but Schwarzenegger has not been spotted on set yet. Most likely the production is about to return back to the United States quite soon, so it is very likely that Arnold will show up online in the nearest future.

Schwarzenegger had been known to bring as much attention to the environmental problems as possible long before he was engaged in politics. Since then, he has continuously been using his influence to rise awareness regarding global warming and its effects on Earth’s climate. This is why he was invited as an honorable speaker at the Climate Pacific Partnership in Fiji this week. Despite his successful political career, there still are many loyal fans who will be more than glad to see the actor back on set for Terminator 6 together with Linda Hamilton, who, by the way, has already been revealed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had an emergency heart surgery operation at the end of March and has recently recovered. During the time of recovery, he has posted few videos, which contained some intense criticism of Donald Trump and his administration. Trump and Schwarzenegger have been insulting each other online for quite a while, ever since Donald started his presidential campaign.

Terminator 6 is about to be presented to audience on the 22-nd of November, 2019, so there still is some time for fans to speculate about possible plot twists, crew and cast.

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