Alien Short film contest is launched by FOX on behalf

of 40-th anniversary

Alien Short film

Alien’s 40th anniversary is going to be celebrated in 2019, therefore 20th Century is organizing a short film fan’s competition. Back in 1979, Alien became an everlasting classic due to Ridley Scott’s talented direction, H.R. Giger’s fabulous art and the outstanding cast, featuring marvelous Ripley by Sigourney Weaver. Later on, back in 1986 James Cameron’s Aliens came out, switching the trend from horror to action.

Ripley by Sigourney Weaver

The sequels turned out to be much less successful than the 1979’s story, alien 3 being mostly divisive up to now, Resurrection being an unstructured mess, Alien Vs Predator films are mostly being ignored by true fans, and prequels by Ridley Scott – Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, both of which have expanded the Alien’s universe dramatically, yet suffered greatly from messy storylines. Nonetheless, the franchise in general is currently benefiting greatly from other forms of realization like video games and comic books.

40 years have passed since the original Alien was launched into the theaters and in a year, we are about to witness the celebration of it’s 40-th anniversary. In order to salute this date, 20th Century Fox announced an unusual competition, which will encourage fans to make a short 5-9 minutes long video, set in the Alien’s universe. Aside from a dedication, there is something else there – 246,000$ prize pool to be offered by 20th Century Fox. Bad news is that the competition is open exclusively to US fans, therefore leaving fans worldwide with nothing and of course the deadline, which is supposed to be met on the 3rd of July.

The rules regarding the competition are listed on the Tongal website – Fox’s partner. Professional filmmakers unsurprisingly are not allowed to participate. The short movie itself is assumed to be as intense as possible, even catastrophic. Several possible scenario ideas are listed in order to help participants to come up with the best idea possible.

Sure enough, there are going to be many other opportunities for fans to demonstrate their commitment and adoration, but for now, this is the only chance for them to show off their love.

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