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    Will Victoria shed light on the school’s darkness or be consumed by it?

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    Evil is unleashed, and the lovers are on the run…

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    It’s all a big and thrilling uncertainty in the world of Trapped Flame.

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Chateau des Muses is an elite boarding school for young and talented girls receiving a good secular education. Its main goal is the development of creative abilities and transforms students into inspirational Muses for art Elite.

Beautiful detective Lynda Lynx is faced with a terrible case: several young girls have gone missing. One of them reappeared…

Will the mystery be solved or more heads will roll?

One day Victoria decided to change everything. Destination: the School of Muses, a place shrouded in rumors.

Will Victoria shed light on the school’s darkness or be consumed by it?


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Arthur, a professional thief, decides to put an end to his criminal career after meeting Alice, the love of his life. But love doesn’t come cheap.Holding a beautiful wedding and starting a new life takes money, lots of money.

It’s a hard-rock life in the wasteland. Geist, a tough nomad, roams the ruins of the dead civilization on her mysterious bike Hunter and Verakt, a famous hunter with whom she quickly becomes lovers.


Lucas can’t stop doing more dirtier things with students. This time Patricia, must take the final right decision. What would it be? This episode will give you answer …

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the greatest show on Earth! The seven most amazing magicians of the modern era gathered in Las Vegas to compete for the title of Supreme Magus and a prize of five billion dollars.

When the hordes of Evil are at your doorstep, there’s no time to waste. The last hope of the world now lies in the hands of Garrett, legendary master thief and talented alcoholic, hired to retrieve a magical artifact from the darkest of dungeons.

What others say about RexTale

Alright! I wouldn’t say that that this release is ideal but this is absolutely the step in the right direction! Keep going that way, Rextale and I’m pretty sure that in a year or two I’ll be reading about your stories in Rolling Stone or somewhere similar.

Isaac FieldAbyss Unleashed

Not bad, wished the creators would focus on the suspense and plot development. Lynda, however, is one sexy detective. I’m going to pay close attention to the future work by Rextale.

Swen OstermannLynx

Fuck aye even more boobies! Keep up the good work, Rextale. This Victoria is mighty nice. The story is still kind meh to be honest.

Cha88xxxSchool of Muses