One day Victoria decided to change everything. With nothing left to lose after the death of her aunt, the young beauty embarked on an adventure.

Destination: the School of Muses, controversial place shrouded in mystery and rumors.

Will Victoria shed light on the school’s darkness or be consumed by it?


Victoria arrives at the School of Musesand meets some of its inhabitants. Soon routine starts – but doesn’t last long! The quench for emotions is satisfied and a couple of scandals is about to rumble.

The mysterious school starts to confirm its reputation.


  • 31 illustrated frames
  • 9 videos


Director:  Ruslan Lobanov
Artist: Tatiana Boiko
Producer: Dmitry Shorokh

Soundtrack album on “Muza Production”
“Investigation” – Karabanov A.M/Chetvertnih S.V/Tsiban D.V.

Watch the trailer:

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